Lietuvos pramonininkų konfederacija (LPK), bendradarbiaudama su Ukrainos ambasada Lietuvoje, Lietuvos ambasada bei asocijuotomis verslo struktūromis Ukrainoje, sukūrė puslapį, kuriame reguliariai atnaujinama informacija apie įvairių Ukrainos verslo sektorių pasiūlymus: gaminamą produkciją, teikiamas paslaugas.

Sukurta platforma siekiama skatinti Lietuvos ir Ukrainos verslo bendradarbiavimą bei tarpusavio pagalbą, patogiai vienoje vietoje pateikiant struktūrizuotą informaciją.

Kilus klausimų, kreiptis el. p.

Sector Offer Contact details
Agro, Foods and Beverages


Ukrainian company “Frango” is a manufacturer of hummus-snacks TM “Frango” – an innovative product made from dehydrated fresh made hummus. This is a crunchy, tasty and healthy snack that preserves the beneficial properties of hummus. Address: Private Entrepreneur Leonid Tsymbalist

18a Gregory Gongadze Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04208

Phone: +38 (067) 404-45-21;

+38 (050) 382-76-05



Construction and Design Services, Materials, Equipment and Real Esate




“Composite Materials Technology Consortium”.

Technology for the production of composite reinforcement with the layout of both fiberglass.


The group of the visually impaired for help in the sale of finished products like: sockets, switchers cartridges etc. ПОГ Білоцерківське УВП УТОС    

skype: utos11

Consulting and Management Services Consulting and mediation services offer for exports of Ukrainian goods. Phone: +38 (050) 133-90-50 (Viber, WhatsApp),

+38 (044) 209-07-11,

+38 (067) 553-99-01

Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners” (Ukraine, Kyiv) provides legal services to foreign investors in Ukraine.

·       advice on doing business in Ukraine;

·       recommendations on optimal investment schemes;

·       advising on taxation of investments;

Contact person: Andriy Lotysh, attorney-at-law, CEO Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners”

Address: Sichovykh Striltsiv street, 77, of. 407 Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine

Phone: +38 (067) 743-27-66


Skype: andriylotysh

Plastics LLC “Marabuplast”. Company that does small-scale production of plastic parts using vacuum casting and products can be elastic, rigid, heat-resistant, transparent, and have different colors. LLC Marabuplast”


Phone:+38 (050) 356-37-00

Printing and Packaging TECOPACK has equipment for the production of packaging materials such as honeycomb paper and paper filler.

Products are applied in e-commerce, postal services, logistics products, gift wrapping, flower arrangement, self-service home improvement stores.

Phone: +38 (067) 405-29-96E-mail:
Textiles and Apparel LLC “Prom-Parhom” is Ukrainian manufacturer of socks. Factory is placed in Kyiv, with productive capacity about 120-140 thousand pairs of socks in a month. Even though the company has appeared on the market quite recently, product is in great demand as you can find both monochrome and socks with various prints for kids and adults in our range. Contact person: Maria Kyrylenko


Phone: +38 (066) 419-89-88





Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA is a public platform created for the interaction of representatives of various spheres of activity and influence for the sake of Ukraine’s successful future. Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA

Phone: +38 (044) 333-41-44

Address: 18/7 Generala Almazova St., Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine



Chief Coordinator of Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA



Phone: +38 (067) 652-81-88