Vilnius Arbitration Day 2022 will convene top international arbitration experts on 16 September 2022 to discuss the sanctions and other contemporary challenges in international arbitration.

This topic seems to become of the utmost importance in these turbulent times. Growing number of various unilateral restrictions (sanctions) and issues of national security inevitably make sanctions and other state interventions related arbitral proceedings more complex and raise plenty of questions:

  • What international public law issues should be taken into account resolving state-investor disputes involving sanctions or other state intervention measures?
  • What important practical implications on costs, length and other procedural issues should be considered in sanctions related investment and commercial arbitration cases administered by arbitration institution?
  • How to address national security issues in international arbitration
  • What are procedural implications of sanction’s framework at various arbitral seats?
  • What are the effect of sanctions on arbitrability of disputes and enforcement of arbitral awards?
  • If previous and current blocking statutes (counter sanction laws) serve their purpose?

The Vilnius Arbitration Day 2022 welcome participants from around the globe for lively discussions on topical issues in international arbitration. Use this opportunity to be updated by renowned experts, to exchange ideas and to meet other arbitration professionals.

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