This project – Posting of workers: enhancing access to information and effective practical collaboration of administrative and social partners among 3 Baltic States – will enable the practical cooperation between member states for information Exchange between authorities and social partners; enables the effective information availability to the companies /posted workers. In addition, there is lack of collaboration with social partners and information/training concerning national laws and regulations that should be permanently provided to the posting companies as well as posted workers. Project assess the possibilities to facilitate exchange of information regarding national laws, analyze and suggest the proper functioning of administrative cooperation among Member States and improved access to information regarding implementation of Directive, raise the access to practical information.

Project Manager

The Lithuanian Trade Union “Solidarity”


LPK, Estonian Transport and Road Workers Trade Union (Estonia), Latvian Builders Trade union (Latvia), State Labour Inspectorate under the Social Security and the Ministry of Labour the Republic of Lithuania and Public Enterprise Project Management and Training Center (Lithuania).


2015.03.01 – 2016.12.31