This project – New communication and cooperation model for better information about the youth – is the pilot initiative to build new information and communication model between social partners for better information about the youth guarantee. This model is based on the concept that all information, provided in many Internet pages, documents and in other publicly accessible is not enough systemized. Usually a young person is lost in such flow of information, it is very difficult to him to find specific only the required information. The core of our model – Integrated information platform and mobile application, that integrates, processes all the information about the youth guarantee and selects only the individualized information for a person.

Project Manager

Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists


Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Labour Exchange, Youth Affairs Department, Lithuanian Students’ Union, Chamber of Agriculture, Industrial Chamber, Association “Langas į ateitį”, Project Management and Training Center.


2015.01.01 – 2017.05.31