Completed projects

Patikimų ženkliukų sistemos

Strategic partnership project “Trusted Badge Systems”

The project “Trusted Badge Systems” aims at fostering the use of  ‘Open Badges’ in European youth work in cooperation with the employment market. Open Badge is a visual representation of individual learning and achievements. Every badge contains meta-data which describes learning process, criteria and achievements of badge owner. They offer innovative ways to visualise learning pathways and document learning achievements. Badges are usually organised into badge systems helping to organise any learning and adapt it to the individual needs of target groups.



2014-2020 EU investment in Lithuania

Lithuanian industry for export “PRAM LT”

Project activities include participation in trade fairs and business missions. The goal of the project is to encourage companies to actively seek foreign partners and increase sales in foreign markets.



Posting of workers: enhancing access to information and effective practical collaboration of administrative and social partners among 3 Baltic States

This project will enable the practical cooperation between member states for information Exchange between authorities and social partners; enables the effective information availability to the companies /posted workers. In addition, there is lack of collaboration with social partners and information/training concerning national laws and regulations that should be permanently provided to the posting companies as well as posted workers.



Improving Competitive Intelligence Abilities of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

This is a transfer of innovation project focusing on vocational education and training, which is supported under 2013 call for proposal of EU Lifelong Learning Programme and coordinated by Istanbul Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association (IDDMIB). Primary aim of the I-CIA of SMEs Project is improving the competitiveness of SMEs in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia and Turkey by supporting staff in competitive intelligence and strategy.



Cooperation between institutions of Lithuania and Norway to transfer its knowledge and best practices in administrative-financial management  level improvement as well as financial crimes prevention  in Lithuanian state and municipal institutions

Project develops an anti-corruptional education in which applies practical anti-corruption measures and propagates intolerance for corruption. 10 in the project participating municipalities will become “Pure municipalities” in which corruption scale change will continuously be measured even after the project on the basis of the indicators of corruption reduction identification and measurement technique which will be created by specialists during the project.



Strategic Partnership Project GRADual

The objective of the project is to maximaze organisations’ impact in terms of speed, quality and innovative services provided to universities and business for improving employment readiness. The Strategic Partnership brings together partners from EU-15 having solid experience in promoting university and business cooperation/entrepreneurial education and EU-25 that were “breaking ice” in the same areas only for a couple of years and ensures well calibrated geographic balance will employ in-house knowledge and skills to achieve the articulated objective.