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Lithuanian-owned company announced as a member of EU Global Gateway Business Advisory Group

2023 09 28

On September 18th, the European Commission announced 60 members and 10 observers of the Global Gateway. On September 27th, the European Commission convened the first meeting of the members of the EU Global Gateway Business Advisory Group. The new group gathers CEOs or senior executives of European companies and business associations (such as BusinessEurope, of which LPK is a member). It will assist the European Commission in promoting cooperation with the European private sector as part of the implementation of the Global Gateway strategy and scaling up of Global Gateway flagships.

As per the decision of the European Commission, a Lithuanian-owned company, Global BOD Group, a member of the Lithuanian Industrialists’ Confederation, was also invited to participate in the group’s activities.

European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, said: “Global Gateway is the EU’s contribution to narrowing the global investment gap worldwide. It offers sustainable investments in the prosperity and security of our partners as well as for Europe. To further scale up the Global Gateway flagship projects, we need both public and private resources. The Global Gateway Business Advisory Group will help us to work closer together and deliver faster on the green and digital transitions, boosting the economy of our partners and the EU.”


Global Gateway is the European strategy to boost smart, clean and secure connections in digital, energy and transport sectors, and to strengthen health, education and research systems across the world.

The Global Gateway Business Advisory Group will also play a key role in the Global Gateway Forum hosted in Brussels by the President von der Leyen on 25-26 October 2023.

Global Gateway aims to mobilise up to €300 billion in investments.

More information:  https://commission.europa.eu/strategy-and-policy/priorities-2019-2024/stronger-europe-world/global-gateway_en

Global Gateway flagship projects:

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