Forum for business, political and society leaders “Green Tech Vilnius” will take place on the Janurary 26th.

Main topics and sessions:

  • Will the revised Plan for the DNA of the Future enable Lithuania’s breakthrough in the green economy in 2021?
  • Can the Covid-19 pandemic transform into an economic crisis and freeze the breakthrough of the green economy?
  • Joe Biden’s $2 trillion green economy plan: How will it change the US and the world?
  • Discussion of business and political leaders: What should the Lithuanian green economy agreement look like?
  • Presentation of the new government’s policy on energy and transport?
  • An overview of the technologies that will have the greatest impact on business and the economy by 2030?
  • Presentation of a €1 billion wind farm project in the Baltic Sea
  • Special presentation: Vision of Vilnius as the green economy leader in the region, etc.

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