BusinessEurope, whose members are also Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, addressed the Vice-President of European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis about market distortive practices of trading partners to name the most important initiatives in this regard.

BusinessEurope stated, that it is important to finalize the Instrument on Foreign Subsidies, the Anti-Coercion Instrument, and the International Procurement Instrument as soon as possible. According to the European business community, these measures will ensure that the EU can effectively defend itself against unfair trading practices.

“We need a range of initiatives to simultaneously ensure a level playing field on the internal market and increase export opportunities. To this end, European industry depend on effective and balanced trade instruments. EU unilateral measures need to go hand in hand with the EU’s negotiating agenda, which aims at creating more and better global market access for European goods, services, and intellectual property”, – says BusinessEurope.

Business community addresses that it is important to expand international relations, cooperate on the Transatlantic level, work with New Zealand, Australia, and Africa.

“By providing a platform for dialogue and regulatory cooperation, trade agreements also offer an additional opportunity for the EU to help drive up standards globally and achieve sustainability objectives in a constructive and efficient manner”, – states the biggest European business organization.