Annual Economic Forum is one of the largest international events of the business community in Lithuania. It brings together business, science, and political leaders to discuss global economic and political trends and to jointly look for possible solutions to the most pressing problems in Europe and Lithuania.

Recent geopolitical changes, the military aggression of Russia in Ukraine and the threat of war in Europe, the energy crisis, sanctions against Russia and Belarus – the consequences of all this are forcing Lithuanian businesses to rethink export, import, and investment strategies, transport and logistics directions. During this critical period, the European Union’s foreign trade policy and its measures, which can contribute to the development of export markets and the protection of markets from unfair trade, subsidies, and investments, are of particular importance for Lithuanian businesses.

This Annual Economic Forum is dedicated to business and its future issues, EU trade policy in a new geopolitical context and Lithuania’s foreign economic policy strategy following a significant change in international trade conditions. This year, we will pay special attention to the foreign economic policy strategy and economic diplomacy of our state Lithuania, because, after leaving the markets of China, Belarus, and Russia, through the joint efforts of business and state institutions, we must move as quickly as possible to a new stage of market diversification and strive for the fastest possible entrenchment in them.


Event date: 20 October 2022

Place: Vilnius Town Hall (Didžioji str. 31, Vilnius, Lithuania)

Regular price: 150 EUR.

Price for the members of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists 100 EUR.


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