The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK) expresses its support for Ukraine and its people and strongly condemns Russia’s military aggression threatening the security of the whole of Europe and the world, accordingly violating international law.

In these difficult times, we stand along with the people of Ukraine and we are sad by the losses of lifes in the fight against the aggressor.

Lithuanian business is ready to provide the necessary assistance to the people of Ukraine, with whom we maintain economic, organizational and close human relations. Lithuanian business in Ukraine will cooperate and comply with the instructions of the standing Government of the country only.

LPK, together with the largest European business community, members of BusinessEurope, supports the efforts of the EU and its partners to defend international law and support Ukraine and its people. We hope that the announced and future sanctions on Russia and their implementation will be effective and closely coordinated with the partners in EU, including in particular the United States. We also call on the EU institutions and Member States to protect EU citizens and businesses operating in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

We call for the strengthening of the political and economic mobilization of the EU and its partners and for all necessary measures to be taken to provide the necessary political, economic and military assistance in the face of aggression.

In its statement on Russia’s aggression, BusinessEurope also emphasizes that in the context of these events, the EU must strengthen its energy market, improve preparedness for supply disruptions, and step up joint efforts to secure alternative sources of energy, raw materials and components.

We express our strong solidarity with the State of Ukraine and its citizens.